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Hydrapak Stash 750ML Collapsible Bottle

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The collapsible soft walled bottle integrates an innovative molded top and bottom that snaps together for easy storage and transport. When ready to drink, simply squeeze to release, remove screw-cap, and fill. The 750ml Stash™ is a perfect companion for camping, adventure travel, and every day use.


  • Collapses to 2 inch (53mm) height
  • Molded top and bottom with custom snap-fit storage feature
  • Stackable – Nests with other Stash™ Bottles for efficient multi unit storage
  • RF welded seams to create superior bonds at a molecular level
  • Weight: 64 grams/ 2.26 ounces

Media Highlights

"When you think about the option of carrying an empty, full-sized 25-oz bottle around on the last two miles of your run or hike versus sliding a disc in your pocket, the Stash's advantage is clear..." - Gizmag

"What makes this so interesting to me is that when not in use, the hard molded top and bottom can be collapsed together for storage. This feature is a travelers dream when every inch of space matters." - The Gadgeteer

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